Advantages of Automated Fiber-optic Termination and Manufacturing

Posted by Paul Jortberg on Thu, Apr 11, 2013 @ 08:11 AM

fiber-optic cable manufacturing process

In the past, fiber-optic cable manufacturing was primarily performed by hand, which in turn made the process prone to inevitable human error and ultimately affected quality, consistency and product variability. 

Automated manufacturing techniques and equipment were developed to address issues associated with these manual processes.

These systems take fiber cable and terminations as inputs and automatically assemble and test completed cables with no reliance on operator technique and skill level.

Typically, fiber-optic cable manufacturing consists of these major steps:

Spooling > End Preparation > Attach  > Cure > Polish > Inspect > Test

Machinery automatically attaching a termination to a fiber end and automated end faceautomated termination assembly system polishing was developed. automated end face polishing system With these two systems, the bulk of the termination process can be automated, leading to these advantages:

  • The termination assembly system automatically pays-out a coiled segment of fiber, strips/cleans/cleaves the end, and attaches a termination. 
  • The system is configurable to accommodate a variety of different terminations with minimal set-up time.
  • The polishing system accepts terminated cables in a work pallet, which is used to transport the end face through the sequence of polishing stages to finish the termination end faces.
Other advantages include precision, uniformity, flexibility, quality control, traceability and cost savings. 

We employ an “Automated Factory Termination” cable system process that terminates selected cable ends in their AS 9100-2004-01 and ISO 9001.

This approach eliminates the need for terminating the majority of the cable ends in a field environment, resulting in higher quality and lower costs.


Learn more about Automated Factory Termination by downloading our white paper:

automated fiber- optic manufacturing for militey and aerospace

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