Dedicated, independent temperature process control for each terminus.

Each termination has precisely positioned sensors that provide in-situ data for controlling the time and temperature of each custom epoxy curing cycle. Curing of epoxy within a fiber termination is typically accomplished in a batch process by placing numerous terminations into a single block oven at the same time. With a single temperature control point within the block, the termination to termination process uniformity cannot be tightly controlled.

kSARIA eliminates this variability by individually curing each termination in a multi-cell custom-designed curing station. Specific curing profiles can be individually selected for each terminus. Rather than having a single temperature monitoring point for multiple termini, kSARIA judiciously places dedicated temperatures sensors for each terminus to monitor and control the curing process. This system provides unsurpassed control of the curing process, and provides detailed traceability beyond that found anywhere in the industry.


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