Epoxy Application and Ferrule Insertion

A pre-determined amount of de-gassed fresh epoxy is controllably dispensed into a terminus to provide a void-free fill. A highly precise robotic tool inserts the fiber into its terminus to a prescribed depth without damaging the delicate fiber end. The application and handling of epoxy requires special care. It is important to apply the exact amount of epoxy without leaving voids within the terminus. This ensures sufficient and consistent coverage for bonding and prevents potentially damaging air pockets that can expand with temperature and damage the fiber.

The applied amount of epoxy is precisely controlled, even accounting for any viscosity change. Being kept in a sealed vessel, the epoxy is kept free of contaminants. Once the epoxy is applied to the terminus, the fiber is inserted to a proper depth to ensure the fiber is adequately supported within the terminus. Both adequate support and the elimination of internal voids make the termination extremely reliable in harsh environments.


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