ksaria polishing diagramkSARIA’s proprietary software controlled multi-stage polishing system eliminates unpredictable batch-polishing; individual termini are polished with a continuous feed of always-clean polishing medium with programmed pressure and time parameters at each stage. The precise polishing of the connector ends is critical for optimizing performance and for ensuring consistent link connectivity.

Today, standard practice is to batch polish multiple connectors simultaneously on a single orbital polisher or, even worse, manually polish them with a polish puck. Such processes yield variable endface topographies resulting in lower and Polishinginconsistent link performance. The batch process utilizes the same polishing parameters for multiple terminations which provides a non-optimized approach whereby adjacent terminations in the batch can affect others, creating high variability in the polishing parameters/ conditions.

Manual polishing processes provide no control over the parameters whatsoever. To overcome these problems, kSARIA has developed a “one up” polishing process whereby each connector is polished individually through the entire sequence of polishing steps. All process parameters are controlled independently at each polishing step. Further, a continuous downward spray of water washes the effluent away from the polishing region keeping a clean polishing interface area to maintain consistent material removal achieving the required high-tolerance endface geometry.


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