Custom Configurations

tacticalkSARIA excels at providing their customers with customized cable configurations.  kSARIA works with their customers to help design and configure shipboard cables to meet their specific needs. Please contact kSARIA for any of your customized cable configuration needs.

Tactical Connectors

M83522 Fiber Optic Connector –TFOCA Mil Spec C,M,PRF, and DTL

The M83522 specification defines the characteristics, performance and testing criteria for single terminus fiber optic connectors. The connectors cover families of both bulkhead and cable termination configurations. The connectors are supplied under a MIL-STD-790 reliability assurance program. Please use the following connector key to order your M83522/16 connector.

tactical connectors

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Tactical Cables

kSARIA offers the full range of  Military B-Series Breakout Cables and D-Series Distribution Cables. These cables are extremely strong, lightweight, tight-buffered cables specifically designed for military tactical applications. They are particularly suited for use in harsh environments. For purchases or further information, please contact kSARIA.

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  • Boeing
  • Drstech
  • Gendynamics
  • Honeywell
  • L3
  • Lockheed
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