Field Service Capabilites

kSARIA's Field Service Capabilites include:  Fiber Optic Services – Copper Cable Services – Electrical Power Services  – VSWR/TDR Services – Waveguide Services – Cableway Services - Management Services.

Cable Design Services

kSARIA has direct, hands-on experience with all available connectors, cable configurations, and accessories on the market today. kSARIA can assist in the design of a complete interconnect solution that’s right for your application. kSARIA provides: full connectivity design services – consultation for component/material selection – custom component design– full environmental/dynamic HALT qualification testing.

Research & Development Design Services

kSARIA has a long history of successful R&D programs focusing on leading edge manufacturing technology for interconnectivity and related automated process equipment. kSARIA focus areas include: automated and semi-automated manufacturing process equipment – custom interconnect design – portable field process tools – automated test and inspection equipment.


  • Bae
  • Boeing
  • Drstech
  • Gendynamics
  • Honeywell
  • L3
  • Lockheed
  • Navair
  • Navsea
  • Northrop
  • Raytheon