Automated Manufacturing Technology

kSARIA’s  stands alone as the premier manufacturing technology leader enabled through its proprietary automated fabrication processes. kSARIA proprietary technology provides their customers with cable assemblies which are unsurpassed for quality, performance and reliability. The kSARIA automation approach minimizes manual processes and the inevitable operator error and product variability. The result is extremely high quality cable assemblies that lead the industry in:

  • Precision – All fiber preparation processes, from fiber lengths to final ferrule polishing, are accomplished with the precision of custom-designed tooling under software control.
  • Uniformity – All the fiber assembly parameters are identical …from the first to the very last.
  • Flexibility – The kSARIA system is fully programmable, allowing instant selection of all processing parameters.
  • Quality control – A proven rigid quality control and maintenance program for all tooling and processes is strictly adhered to, ensuring process consistency.
  • Traceability – kSARIA’s automation system records all relevant data for each fabrication step,  providing full traceability for each termination within a cable assembly.
  • Cost Savings – Enabled through kSARIA’s proprietary automated manufacturing technology which provides an efficient manufacturing flow, high yields, and reduced operator involvement; kSaria’s Automated Factory Termination (AFTTM) cable system further adds to customers’ cost reduction.

Below is a list of the automation processes developed by kSARIA over the past 10 years.

All of these processes are under 100% software control.  Depending upon the customer requirements the optimum use of the individual automated processes are selected and utilized as needed.

1. Jacket Removal

Clean, consistent, and accurate jacket removal is achieved by the custom-designed automated tooling. Read More & Watch Video >

2. Buffer Stripping

Precise automated removal of the fiber buffer leaving only the bare glass fiber exposed.    Read More & Watch Video >

3. Fiber Cleaning

A highly engineered fiber cleaning cell, utilizing vibration, heat, and clean solvent, completely and consistently cleans the glass surface. Read More & Watch Video >

4. Fiber Cleaving

Precise and highly reproducible automated scribe and cleave process ensures consistent crack-free endfaces. Read More & Watch Video >

5. Epoxy Application and Ferrule Insertion

A pre-determined amount of de-gassed fresh epoxy is controllably dispensed into a terminus to provide a void-free fill.  A highly precise robotic tool inserts the fiber into its terminus to a prescribed depth without damaging the delicate fiber end. Read More & Watch Video >

6. Curing

Each termination has precisely positioned sensors that provide in-situ data for controlling the time and temperature of each custom epoxy curing cycle.  Read More & Watch Video >

7. Polishing

kSARIA’s proprietary software controlled multi-stage polishing system eliminates unpredictable batch-polishing; individual termini are polished with a continuous feed of always-clean polishing medium with programmed pressure and time parameters at each stage. Read More & Watch Video >

  • Bae
  • Boeing
  • Drstech
  • Gendynamics
  • Honeywell
  • L3
  • Lockheed
  • Navair
  • Navsea
  • Northrop
  • Raytheon